Best Price Guarantee

At www.verwoehnhotel.com, you will receive the best available online price for any of our two hotels, guaranteed. Verwöhn-Hotels guarantees that you will receive the best available price for reservations in our luxury hotels made on www.verwoehnhotel.com. However, should you find a better price on another website within 24 hours after receiving your reservation confirmation, Verwöhn-Hotels will not only match the lower price, but even guarantee an additional discount of xx% for the entire duration of the stay booked through www.verwoehnhotel.com. In addition, you will be placed in the next higher room category (subject to availability at check-in at the hotel).

www.verwoehnhotel.com’s best price guarantee is subject to the General Terms and Conditions – please go over them before sending a claim request to www.verwoehnhotel.com.

Verwöhn-Hotels will review your request within 24 hours (on business days only). Please send your request to "reservierung(at)seehof.com".

Best Price Guarantee – General Terms and Conditions


www.verwoehnhotel.com’s Best Price Guarantee is only valid for Verwöhn-Hotels (luxury hotel) reservations made through www.verwoehnhotel.com.


If, within 24 hours after your reservation through www.verwoehnhotel.com, you find another price (“comparison price”) on another website, which is lower than the one you were given upon making your reservation at www.verwoehnhotel.com (for the same hotel, same room category, same amount of people, same arrival and departure dates), please e-mail us at the aforementioned e-mail address.


The reservation conditions applicable to the comparison offer (e.g. conditions regarding pre-payments, advance payments, reservation and cancellation conditions) must match the reservation conditions of the offer booked through www.verwoehnhotel.com.


The comparison price must be publicly visible and available for reservation.


www.verwoehnhotel.com’s Best Price Guarantee does not apply for:

  • a. Prices from “hidden” vendors on websites or auction sites where the name of the hotel or the particular hotel is only revealed upon completing the reservation and making a payment (e.g. priceline.com or hotwire.com).
  • b. Prices that bundle the hotel room as part of an all-in-one offer with other components such as flight tickets, rental cars, excursions, etc.
  • c. Prices that are not publicly available, such as special prices for individual companies, for conferences or events which are specifically negotiated with Verwöhn-Hotels and only apply to a certain group or company.
  • d. Prices that are offered per direct mail or e-mail.
  • e. Prices that are only offered to certain groups or individuals who fulfil certain criteria (e.g. membership in certain associations or participation in private programmes)
  • f. Prices for prolonged stays with more than word (number) consecutive overnight stays.
  • g. Prices that are pre-paid and then redeemed using a voucher at the hotel.


The comparison between www.verwoehnhotel.com’s price and the comparison price is net and does not include taxes, service surcharges, and other fees associated with the room price.


Should the comparison price be in a currency different from that of www.verwoehnhotel.com’s price, the comparison price will be converted to the currency of the offer originally booked on www.verwoehnhotel.com using the exchange rate valid on the day of the review/validation of the customer’s claim.


If multiple-day stays are reserved, the average price per stay for both www.verwoehnhotel.com and the seller offering the comparison price will be calculated and compared with one another.


www.verwoehnhotel.com’s Best Price Guarantee is void in countries where it is prohibited by law.


www.verwoehnhotel.com – Münsterer Hotel GmbH reserves the right to change or fully cancel www.verwoehnhotel.com’s Best Price Guarantee at any time.